natalie portman topless 002

natalie portmanWe have our hands on the exclusive video of Natalie Portman with musician Moby. Moby was in the news recently after he boasted of banging Natalie when she was a teen in his autobiography. But Natalie has gone on record to deny any such thing happened between them, infact even refused to know who he was. Then Moby released a pic of them together. However everything was under suspicion until we found this revealing sex tape. In this video Natalie Portman can be clearly seen naked and playing with his cock. And she is certainly enjoying every second of it from start to end.

Below we have few topless beach candies of Natalie Portman. This is just added to show that She is not a saint like she behaves. Look at that puffy tit, it seems like they were sucked pretty hard few moments ago.

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